Fun Commands

+help fun


Last Update vor einem Jahr

< > = Required Argument
{ } = Optional Argument



Random dog pictures


Random cat pictures


Random memes


Random car pictures


Play Rock, Paper, Scissors


Tells you a joke

+google <text>

Searches at Google for the given text

+youtube <text>

Searches at Youtube for the given text

+lyrics <song title>

Lyrics of provided song

+weather <location>

Weather info about given location

+instagram <instagram username>

Instagram profile info about provided Instagram user

+song <song title>

Song info about provided song


Pop the bubbels!


Random neko pictures



+kiss <user>

Kiss given user

+hug <user>

Hug given user

+cuddle <user>

Cuddle given user

+slap <user>

Slap given user

+bite <user>

Bite given user

+screenshot <link>

Screenshot a website

+tictactoe <user>

Play TicTacToe versus given user


+chat <message>

Start a chat with Ocavy. Chat with the bot about everything you want

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