Utility Commands

+help utility


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< > = Required Argument
{ } = Optional Argument



Get a list with helpful links of Ocavy


Server-info about the server


Bot-info about Ocavy

+user-info {user}

User-info about author or optional given user

+avatar {user}

Avatar of author or optional of given user

+banner {user}

User Banner of author or optional of given user

+user-perms {user}

User Permissions of author or optional of given user

+check-warns {user}

Check the author's or optional the given user's server warnings

+role-info <role>

Role-info about given role

+channel-info {channel}

Channel-info about current channel or optional given channel

+emoji-info <emoji>

Emoji-info about given emoji

+invite-info <invite link/code>

Invite-info about given invite link or code for the server

+reaction-info <channel> <messageID> <reaction emoji>

Reaction-info about given reaction

+color-info <hex/role>

Color-info about given color hex or given role's color


Ticket-info about the tickets on your server


Info about the server emojis


Info about the server roles


Get the server icon


Get the server banner


Get the server splash

+get-id <user/channel/role/emoji/server>

Get ID of the given argument

+quote <messageID> {channel} or +quote <message link>

Quote given message 

+characters <text>

Counts characters of given text


Find all available timezones for <timezone> commands

+timezone-info <timezone>

Info about the given timezone


Get a list of all available placeholders


Pong! Get the bot's ping

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